Vanishing Point

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Welcome to my site. I've recently realized that I can't come up with a single good reason for owning a website. Nonetheless, here it is and it's alive and kicking again. Mostly, it's so certain people (yup, that's you mom) can see what I'm up to.

The Blog has anything I've got to say that's worth saying.

Photographs is where the photos live. There's a gap in the timeline here, as I lost my camera. New photos are inbound though!

Sorry about the banner ads at the top of the page. I can't afford a real website, so they're here to stay. Don't hover your mouse over them, the fucking things get bigger.


Beginning to update the site once again. I've been stationary for the past two years, learning to weld, welding, buying adult things(like a car), and generally getting my life on track. It's been good, and I can't WAIT to leave.

Aaand... leaving for Peru.

The website (grr...)

-Got a links page up. Pretty puny selection of links... Working on it.

-Got a photo page up and a small album full of favorite photos. Mixed shots from my travels over the past few years. Will probably be getting more albums up soon, each about a specific trip, and the like. Check them out!

-Check out the latest blog entries on the right hand side of any page, or click here.