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What am I doing?

Posted by Eric T. on February 18, 2011 at 12:12 AM

In writing an email to a friend, I realized that it was easier to tell him my thoughts on life at the moment than it is to write a blog. So I'll post a slightly abbreviated version of the email. It's a bit of insight to my life right now.



Good to hear that you're surviving, however. And I'm glad to hear interest in a touring setup. I'm longing for a good bike tour, I'm thinking about disappearing for a month or so in the spring. The Northeast sounds tempting. I've been in SCHOOL if you can believe it. Welding school, so easier to believe I guess. But it's been awesome, I think I'm really going to know what I'm doing with metal after this semester. Fun times, and fun teachers. Also thinking of going for advanced welding up in Fort Collins come next fall time. We'll see. The goal is to get good at stainless steel and work in breweries/wineries/distilleries.


The reason I casually dropped a line about moonshine is that I may or may not have found myself obsessed with home distilling recently. I would never actually do any, since it's very illegal and you know how I feel about the law! but I've been having a ton of fun. There's lots to learn, and I even landed myself an internship/apprenticeship at the Mancos Valley Distillery. I start next week for 2-3 days a week helping the owner distill rum. Depending on how things go, it may lead to a job in the future.


Yeah, having a ton of fun with that, and still working a bunch. Starting to itch pretty badly to travel again. The Europe idea is dangerously alluring. I can only imagine how fun it would be to bike tour/couchsurf/bum around Europe for a summer. While I'm sure it would be harder than it is in the states, I'm convinced that on a bike you could find easy camping most places. Way better than hitching, you can pedal a few miles out of whatever town you're in really easily. Keep me updated on your plans for that.


I've been on the plan-for-something-really-far-out train as well. I decided that I'm done talking about biking the Silk Road. I'm going to do it. Been doing research, got a good guidebook, and the tentative leaving date is February-ish of 2012. I want $8000 for the 4 to 6 month trip. AFTER airfare. Long story short, I'm buckling down and going to make some money this summer. That was part of the inspiration to finally go to school for welding. However, the distilling thing has taken over a lot of interest. Like I said, we'll see.


IDEAL dream timeline at the moment

-Become distilling master during apprenticeship.

-Take 1 month bike tour in spring.

-Get a job around here at a distillery for the summer. Save money.

-Transfer to CSU and take advanced welding courses in fall.

-Work in distillery or brewery in FoCo while going to school. Save money.

-Leave for Eastern Europe in February and bike the Silk Road.

-Meet dying chinaman who tells me the story of his life, and where the treasure is hidden.

-Disappear into the mountains of Tibet, never to be seen again.


Possible variations include welding for the summer instead of distilling. I could make oodles more money. And maybe going to school all next year and leaving in April. But the Silk Road is going to happen, I just need to earn the money. I also might disappear into the mountains of Peru, instead of Tibet.


Share with me any whimsical ideas you have, if you haven't shared them all. Talking about dreams has a dangerous effect on them. They become real.


Glad to hear you're alive, we should talk soon.


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