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A bikey jaunt through the mountains

Posted by Eric T. on November 17, 2010 at 12:27 AM

Whoo! It's been a long time since my last post. A lot has happened, and it's difficult to keep this website updated sometimes. Starting with this one, I'll post all the interesting stuff that's happened since August.


I bought a Surly Pugsley with the savings I'd had since last year. Although it was a lot to spend, this bike rocks, so I'm quite happy with it. It's first trip was back in August or September, somewhere around there, from Molas Pass back to Durango. The original plan was to stay on the Colorado Trail the whole way, but due to weather restrictions I took a detour down onto the Hermosa trail on my last day. Overall, a spectacular trip.


The first day which proved to be absolutely beautiful. The loaded pugs ready to rock and roll!


The scenery was almost unreal for so much of the ride. Beautiful.


Day 2. One of the best camp spots I've had. I had a 270° view stretching from the Dolores river valley to the West, all the way to Missionary ridge to the East.




Day 3 proved to be stormy and I had no interest in going over Indian Trail Ridge alone. I backtracked a little to Salt Creek trail and rode(?) 6 miles to get to the Hermosa creek trail. Actually quite a fun little detour.


Salt Creek trail was... bushy.


Great little trip. Hopefully I'll be taking similar overnights this winter on the Pugs! I can't wait to ride the thing around when the snow really falls.


A teaser for next post: the Grand Canyon!

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